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Custom Plastics International

As Your Injection Molding Supplier…

The team at Custom Plastics International Limited will take injection molded plastics out of your supply chain issues! Conveniently located outside of Toronto, Ontario, Custom Plastics International Limited is a privately owned Canadian custom injection molder with over 50 years experience molding precision thermoplastic products.  With our automated injection molding machinery ranging in size from 35 – 500 ton, Custom Plastics International Limited offers a low cost precision alternative to off-shore injection molding.

With our experienced team of plastic professionals coupled with solid local and off-shore tool builders, we have the ability to help ensure your plastic project is a success from the design/prototype stage to production.  At the front end of your project the engineers at Custom Plastics International Ltd have experience in all facets of plastic design including materials, part design, mold design, processing, fixture design, and metrology.  Our systems are defined and ready to manage 100’s of projects simultaneously.  We have the structure, methodology and discipline to break down the designs and provide the feedback for robust plastic design.  We do this quickly as we understand the need to get products to market.

Custom Plastics International Ltd save you money by either automating the production of your molded product or providing value added assembly during the machine cycle to optimize the production of your plastic projects.  We will provide you with a higher level plastic product at a reduced price; we are able to do this because we own our building, land and all of the equipment in our facility.  This combined with our efficient operations give you a competitive supply with increased value & support that you can’t get from the other side of the World.  Our vast global customer/supply base and flexible systems driven processes allow us to easily adapt to all quality/business requirements supporting companies ranging from start-up to global contract manufacturers.