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Custom Plastics International

PolyJet 3d Printing

Custom Plastics International Limited’s in house Objet500 Connex 3d printer provides accurate proof of concept practicality for evaluating your next plastics project. The Object500 has a wide range of material options to allow you a profound level of confidence with your design before committing to production tooling (PolyJet Materials Data Sheet), the materials range from soft touch rubbers to transparent plastics to functional plastics that will allow real life production evaluation of things like snap fits, screw bosses, interferences, sealing, etc. The Object500 also totes a 19.7″x15.7″x7.9″ build envelope that will allow for multiple prints of the same or different designs simultaneously at a 16 micron layer resolutions. This prototyping capability coupled with CPI engineering plastics design expertise will allow you a confident head start to your plastic product development. Custom Plastics International Limited is excited to offer our customers access to our Object500 as an accurate and inexpensive way to test their new and existing designs, contact us for more information.

3DIM – 3d Printed Injection Molds

Custom Plastics International Limited’s in house Objet500 Connex 3d printer can produce a 3DIM giving you the ability to evaluate your design in the actual final production thermoplastic resin, assessing your parts form, fit and true function. This service is essential when it is necessary for you to understand the impact of temperature, mechanical shock/stress, vibration chemical attack on the finished product. 3DIM will also allow you with accurate performance data and a product that can be used for immediate certification validation (UL, CE, IP, etc). The 3d printed tooling alleviates the need for conventional ‘soft’ (aluminum) tooling at a fraction of the cost and turnaround time (Technical Application Guide: PolyJet for Injection Molding).

Production Fixtures and Automation

Custom Plastics International Limited has further developed their in house fixture and automation design and build capabilities with the addition of 3 axis CNC and Objet500 Connex 3d printer. This in house fixture design and development allows CPI to provide our customers with a complete tooling project solution at a very competitive price. CPI has successfully used this technology for:

  • Holding Fixtures
  • Drill Fixtures
  • Robot Adhesive Fixtures
  • Robotic End of Arm Tooling Fixtures
  • Functional Gauges