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The Ubi Launcher

Back in March of 2013, a chance meeting between Dan Milligan (MVP Sports) and Nick Moffat (Engineer @  Custom Plastics International Ltd) at a curling rink resulted in a conversation about Dan’s desire to build a plastic aid for the game of Bowls.  The concept was a delivery device to allow players to stay involved in the game of Bowls longer and increase the level of their game; even if they had knee, hip, back or other mobility issues.  Dan and Brenda Milligan formally met at Custom Plastics International Ltd  in late March and decided to collaborate with CPI to  put Dan’s wooden prototype and idea through an extensive design review to develop 3d models that could be used to develop working rapid prototypes.  Through several meetings, 3d concept reviews, material selection criteria reviews, CPI developed some rapid prototypes for analysis.  Upon successful completion of the prototype phase we moved onto build production ready hard tooling to create the Ubi_Launcher™.  Hard tool samples were completed and provided to MVP in early June of 2013 and approved for production within days of receipt. Early testing has shown that it takes very little time to get on to using the Ubi_Launcher™. In fact it has been witnessed that some bowlers skill levels increased after only a few games.  They are getting their line more often and after just a little practice they are learning how to control their weight better than ever before! Who could ask for anything more!  Not only does the Ubi_Launcher™ help the player it also helps alleviate damage to the greens from players launching Bowls from the hip. Custom Plastics International Ltd is proud to work with customers Dan and Brenda Milligan of MVP Sports who have an interest in keeping manufacturing alive in North America.  The Ubi_Launcher™ is proudly embossed ‘Made in Canada’.  CPI is dedicated to offering  our experience and expertise in plastics design & technical injection molding to our customers at a competitive price.  Please contact Lee Cattell at to discuss your next project.