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At Custom Plastics International Ltd we have been extensively researching and testing the capabilities & limitations of 3d prototyping.  Our main goal is to make our customers’ next plastic project an injection molding production success!
In July 2015, with the help of funding from the Northumberland Community Futures Development Corporation (NCFDC), Custom Plastics International Limited installed an Objet500 Connex 3d Printer.  The Objet500 has a 19.7”*15.7”*7.9” build envelope capable of 3d printing more than 120 different materials to an outstanding 16 micron layer thickness. The Objet500 is a great complement to the existing engineering development resources that have been the cornerstone to CPI’s success since 1965.
While 3d printing is not a new technology, we feel that our experience in developing and manufacturing highly engineered plastic products and tooling brings a skillset that would not be available at the average prototype house.  This skillset will allow our clientele to confidently develop their new plastic projects with an experienced set of eyes aiding from a plastics design standpoint.  By keeping the focus of prototyping on making an efficient gateway into manufacturing, CPI can save you valuable time and money on of your next project.
Since July we have developed 3 approaches for the Objet500 that we are excited to share with our customers: Objet500

1  Multi material Poly Jet 3d prototypes Ranging from soft touch rubber to hard transparent and opaque plastic.

2  3DIM – 3d printed injection molds.
3DIM provides the customer with the ability to evaluate their design in the actual final production material.  This service is critical when it is necessary to understand the impact of temperature, mechanical shock/stress, vibration, chemical attack on the finished product.  The 3d printed tooling alleviates the need for conventional ‘soft’ (aluminum) tooling at a fraction of the cost and turnaround time.

3  Production Fixtures and Automation.
CPI Engineering team will help further reduce overall project costing by designing and printing functional fixtures and end of arm robot tooling in house for your next project.